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Loan agreement with EBRD
Realization of a project as at 1st June 2017
Economic growth of Ukraine, agricultural and industrial output and export in 2010-2011 promoted a significant demand on freight rail traffic in Ukraine. Established in 2009, Interleaseinvest have initiated the realization of project for the purchase of large consignment of new wagons, fully understanding market development tendencies. Interleaseinvest bought 1116 rail wagons from their own resources in 2009-2011 and submitted an application to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development a funding application for 1200 wagons purchase in 2011. Besides, 362 wagons were bought within the framework of cooperation with Unicredit-leasing and OTP-leasing in 2010-2011.

After careful assessment of Interleaseinvest's offers EBRD approved $90 million funding for buying 1200 new wagons in the framework of $300 million project.
Orders for the production of wagons were placed on Ukrainian factories, such as State Ukrspetswagon plant, private Kryukov Railway Car Building Works PJSC, Stakhanov Railway Car Building Works and Diesel plant. As a result, 2749 wagons were built under the order of Interleaseinvest over the period 2009 to 2012.

It's important to note, that this project is a landmark for Ukrainian economy. At that time more than 80% of Ukrainian wagon park were obsolete and more than 60% of wagons were in use for over 20 years. A standard service life for wagons is 15-22 years, depending on the type of the wagons. The mechanical condition of the park did not meet service demands of domestic industry and agriculture for quality shipment.

Thus, we can see, that Ukrainian economy received new opportunities for freight rail traffic development because of cooperation with EBRD.
Loan agreement with EBRD
Loan agreement between Interleaseinvest LLC and EBRD. Dated 23 September 2011

In December 2016 the court rendered a decision that 2387 freight rail wagons of Interleaseinvest LLC shall be recovered to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which has in turn transferred them in the management of its subsidiary Crea I UA LLC.

Next EBRD and Crea I UA LLC concluded the agreements on wagons managing with Russian Transgarant-Ukraine Subsidiary Company and Evraz Trans LLC. As a result, now the wagons are managed by:

25% of wagons – by Crea I UA LLC independently
50% of wagons – by Transgarant
25% of wagons – by Evraz Trans.

According to information from the Central State Register:
  • The Transgarant-Ukraine Subsidiary Company' was founded by the "Firm "Transgarant" LLC of Cosmonaut Volkov str., Moscow;
  • The Evraz Trans LLC was founded by Palmrose B.V., the beneficiary of which is the Russian Federation Citizen Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich.
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